Cricket superstar Ben Stokes takes on a new challenge with Red Bull in this cool promo.

Ben has to catch, bat and bowl, at a really fast pace. He has to complete a series of tests against a machine, all whilst under intense pressure. The machine shoots balls at the player and he has to make sure that he responds in time, whether that means that he needs to bat the ball away, catch it, or throw it at some wickets. Of course, Ben has no trouble with this, easily defeating any challenge thrown at him.

Ben Stokes proves in this ad just how talented he really is. His skills were on full display over the last weekend too, as him and the rest of the England national team won the Cricket World Cup for the first time ever. In a tense game, England beat all the odds to secure a tight win against New Zealand. Red Bull shows us that with talent like Ben Stokes on their side, it’s no surprise that England managed to take the cup home this year.

Ben Stokes|Red Bull|Sports

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