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TED-Ed brings us this stunning animation about the life of famed Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

Pablo’s work is considered to be some of the best poetry ever written and was an influence on writers all over the globe. Over his life, he spent time living in lots of different parts of the world. In these places, he wrote poems that discussed life, death and love. He was also writing in Spain when the facist dictator Francisco Franco took power. His poetry criticised the cruel policies enacted by Franco’s government.

Beautiful Animation Looks At The Life Of Poet Pablo Neruda image of Pablo Neruda

A staunch opponent of Franco, Pablo helped over 2000 refugees migrate to Chile, even though it put his life in grave danger. This animation looks at the work that the poet created, but also tells us all about the life that he lived as well. With artists, their art and their lives are always intertwined, so seeing how Pablo’s personal experienced helped him to create some of the greatest poetry of the 21st century is incredible. The animation brilliantly brings Pablo’s words to life and gives us a unique insight into his mind.

Pablo Neruda|TED-Ed|2D Animation

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