WARNING: For Mature Audiences Only. This Video Contains Brief Scenes Of Nudity.

Sex And The City actress Cynthia Nixon made this viral short film entitled Be A Lady, They Said, which highlights the impossible standards imposed on modern women.

The video was made for the magazine Girls Girls Girls. In it, she recites a blog post by Camille Rainville which demonstrates the confusing and conflicting messages that women are bombarded with on a daily basis. Cynthia becomes a human embodiment of the media, sexist ideas and the patriarchy, as she lists of all the things that females should and shouldn’t do.

The commands are incredibly unreasonable and often directly contradict each other. It’s exhausting to listen to and the aim of the video is to show us the overwhelming pressures that are put on women every day. The video has been shared thousands of times on social media and it’s clear that many people have experienced the kind of language used in this video first hand. It’s a damming indictment of the modern world we live in.

Be A Lady, They Said|Girls Girls Girls|Short Form

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