Children’s charity Barnardo’s released this chilling ad that re-imagines bullies as wild Hyenas.

For children that are being bullied, they can feel like no where is safe for them to go. Even at home, they feel scared, like they’re being chased by a wild animal. Worse still, now cyberbullying offers another new avenue for abusers to target vulnerable people. In the ad, all of those thoughts and feelings are turned into real, fully grown hyenas, that follow and scare the young girl in the video, wherever she goes.


The ad ends with the girl sitting in a Barnardo’s counselling session, talking to one of their staff. She tells us how chatting about her tormentors and airing out her feelings helped her a lot and made her feel a lot better about the situation. It’s a moving ad that captures the fear and worry that bullying can cause. For people on the receiving end, it can feel all-consuming and envelope every aspect of their life. The commercial looks to remind children that there is a place that they can go if they’re feeling scared or anxious.

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