Barclays tell female footballers that “history is anyone’s now” ahead of this season’s Women’s Super League.

The bank is the official sponsor of the the English women’s football league, which is one of the biggest and most watched women’s sports league in the world. This inspiring ad encourages young women to write their names in history by aspiring to be the greatest footballer of all time. In the promo, we see plaques, newspapers headlines and football stands with portions blanked out, ready to be filled by the name of a new legend of the game.

It’s a rousing commercial that inspires girls to push women’s sports to new heights. The recent FIFA Women’s World Cup last summer was the most watched ever. The amount of people who tuned in to watch the final was more than quadruple the amount that watched the 2015 tournament. The World Cup has helped to revitalise interest in women’s football. Barclays hope to invigorate a new generation of female footy stars to rise up through the ranks and take the game to new levels.

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