Remember the balloon house from the Disney Pixar movie Up? Of course you do. It’s one of your favourites, and you always cry in the opening scene. Well, check out this guy who’s gone one step further and created the real life balloon house from Up.

Balloon and flight enthusiast Jonathan Trappe has mastered the art of air travel using helium balloons. Our friends at Great Big Story have created this wonderful documentary about his adventures flying helium balloons.

The benefit of helium balloons over traditional hot air balloons is that helium is silent. There’s no need to roar the flames to get higher, Trappe can simply pump more helium or release it to go higher and lower. The balloons are bio-degradable too, so he can cut them loose completely if he likes.

It’s a wonderful story about a man’s pure passion to create long-lasting, joyful memories doing things that other people could only dream of. Is this truth inspired by fiction or the other way round?

Either way it looks like a huge amount of fun.

Great Big Story | Real life ‘Up’ | Documentary

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