Ford and Great Big Story shows us a racing helmet that can read your mind in this awesome animation. Sounds like science-fiction right? Well, this isn’t something out of a movie, it’s real life…

Ford shows us how they have created a helmet that reads racing drivers brainwaves, so that they can work out how to improve their driving. It can measure reaction times and stress that they feel. Once they find out more about how a driver reacts, they can use that data to perfect their driving. If there is one corner or technique that causes them more stress, they can focus on that more and unlock new levels of potential.

All of this is explained in a cool and exciting way through this brill animation. It brings the concept to life and explains it in a way that’s easy to understand. It’s an exciting video to watch, as it feels like something from 3019, not 2019. Ford’s tech is way ahead of it’s time. It makes us really excited to see what the future of racing could look like and how innovations like this could be used in years to come.

Ford|Great Big Story|Animation

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