Audible offers an escape from the manic world of smartphones and social media in this clever advert.

In it, we see a woman surrounded by life-sized versions of all of the stuff on her smartphone. Depressing news stories, annoying memes, Instagram likes and dodgy Tinder matches completely engulf her. All these irritating people just get louder and louder and it feels like there’s no escape. Far from being a nice break from reality, her smart device is making her much more stressed out than she needs to be.

Audible Cuts Through The Noise In This Promo image of Audible

Just as the ad reaches its big crescendo, the woman clicks play on an Audible audiobook. Everything is cancelled out by the calming tones of David Tennant reading a thrilling page turner. It’s a clever ad that reminds us just how relaxing reading can be. In a world where we’re living life at a mile-a-minute, it can be nice to take things at a slower pace. What did you make of it? Did you enjoy the video? Let us know in the comments below.

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