Audi teams up with the guys behind the Spies In Disguise movie to bring us this epic animated short film called “Lunch Break”.

In it, we see the two main protagonists in the film driving around town in a futuristic looking version of the Audi E-Tron electric sports car. The two characters in the short film are an older, experienced spy and his young protégé. The spy zooms around the city, dodging bad guys and even taking a spin around the metro. It’s a really exciting scene to watch. It feels like a mix of James Bond and The Incredibles.

Audi Made This Epic Short Animated Film - Lunch Break image of Audi

Eventually, the spy manages to speed away from the baddies in spectacular fashion. His young companion is astounded and asks if all of his spy missions are as crazy as this. The spy replies by saying that what’s just happened is him taking his lunch break. It’s a really cool and funny video from Audi and Disney. It’s the first time that we’ve seen a car ad mixed with an animated movie like this. It’s getting easier than ever to create good 3D animated content, so maybe this will be a trend we see more of in the future.

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