Action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover as a used car salesman in this wacky ad!

In it, Arnie takes on the persona of Howard Kleiner, an all-American (and Austrian) car salesman who loves gas-guzzling muscle cars. The ad comes from Veloz, a non-profit company that tries to tell people about the benefits of buying electric cars. Arnie does his best to put people off  buying non-electric cars by being the worst car salesman ever! He’s brash, loud and can’t stop talking about muscle cars! He’s like all of the bad car salesmen that are in the world all rolled into one. Yikes!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover As A Car Salesman In Funny Ad image of arnold

The poor unsuspecting public are pretty confused. Most of them are keen to get an electric car and wouldn’t be seen dead in a massive Hummer. But, Arnie persists on trying to sell them one anyway, adding his action hero cred into proceedings. Quite how convincing his costume is is up for debate. I mean, we say costume, it’s just a dodgy fake moustache and a wig! Thing is, his accent is the same as ever, so we don’t think he’s fooling anyone!

Arnold Schwarzenegger|Veloz|Ads and Promos

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