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The title track from Arctic Monkey’s latest album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino has been given the music video treatment, and it ain’t half dark.


The video sees frontman Alex Turner swanning around a desolate hotel, through large echoey hallways and neon-lit lobbies (as well as the best lift you’ll see for a while) as he croons along to the dark soundtrack of the music. He at one point answers a telephone to deliver the bafflingly literal lyric “Good afternoon. Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. Mark speaking. Please tell me how may I direct your call?”

Arctic Moneys Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (Official Video) Gif1

Things take a slightly lighter turn as we see Turner out in the desert filming horses (as you do) and riding an extremely retro scooter down the highway, but it’s all in keeping with the video’s grainy, 70’s tinged aesthetic.


Building on their previous video’s theme of empty buildings and strangely eerie visuals, the latest offering from the Monkeys just serves to add to the album’s concept, fleshing out one of the most left-field albums 2018 has offered us so far.

Arctic Monkeys Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (Official Video) Gif2

Arctic Monkeys|Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino|Music Video

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