Apple showed off the amazing capabilities of their sound cancelling AirPods in this brilliant ad called “snap”.

We can all get a bit caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life. Pushing through crowds, weaving through commuters and running around busy streets are daily issues for people living in dense metropolitan areas. Is there anyway to escape the madness of the city? Well, in this ad, Apple shows us a woman who clicks the sound cancelling feature on her headphones.

Apple's Sound Cancelling Headphones Take You Into Another World In This Ad image of Apple

When she uses the feature, she’s taken out of her noisy surroundings and plunged into a world full of music and bright lights. It’s a breath of fresh air and is an escape from her claustrophobic commute. But the best part is, she can switch the feature on and off really easily. This means that she can get the truly immersive experience whilst also keeping an ear on her environment. For people who live in busy places where they need to be aware of their surroundings but also want to snatch a bit of peace and quiet, these headphones are ideal.

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