Apple turn an entire city into one big trampoline in this awesome ad for their wireless Air Pods!

Have you ever wished that your morning walk to work could be a bit more interesting? That you could get there a bit faster and have it be a bit more fun? Well now Apple have made that dream a reality! When you put on your pair of Airpods, you’ll feel so free, so unleashed from the tangle of wires, that you’ll feel 10 times lighter. You’ll feel like you can (literally) bounce around with ease! But what exactly would that look like in real life?

Apple Turn A City Into A Massive Trampoline gif of apple

In this ad, we see a commuter bouncing around the city. Hard pavements become spongey trampolines. Thick concrete walls become malleable bouncing mats. All the other commuters seem pretty oblivious to our bouncing protagonist though. Watch where you’re going guys! It’s a really fun and clever ad that includes some amazing CGI! Although, it should be stressed, this is CGI, it’s not real! If you jump into a concrete wall, it will hurt IRL!

Apple|Airpods|Big Brands

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