Apple shows us just how tough their new iPhone 11 is in this cool ad.

In it, we see a poor little iPhone’s day-to-day life. Things aren’t great for the phone. It’s dropped down the edge of a car seat, smashed around inside someone’s handbag and it even has an entire iced coffee poured over it. We feel bad for it, as it’s knocked around all day long. But, we’re reassured that the phone can take it, as it comes away from all of that abuse totally unscathed.

Apple Shows Us Just How Tough The New iPhone 11 Is With This Ad image of iPhone 11

Apple wants us to know that the days of wafer thin screens and devices that die in the rain are long behind us. This ad also shows us the other cool features of the new phone as well. As always, Apple have really pushed the boat out with this funny and interesting advert. It appeals to their clumsiest customers the most, but hey, who of us have never dropped our phones and smashed the screen into a million little pieces? We’ve all had a serious case of butterfingers at some point, right?

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