Antony Joshua breaks down his favourite boxing movies with He weighs in on which ones are the real deal and which ones are bogus.

Recreating boxing on the big screen can be tough challenge. Unless you have some very dedicated actors, most would probably rather not have their head smashed in by a 6 foot 2, 20 stone heavyweight. So film makers have to be pretty creative when it comes to making a fight look real. The first movie Antony takes a look at is The Fighter, starring Mark Wahlberg. He’s pretty impressed as the combinations and moves used by the actor are spot on.

Next up, he watches the classic movie Rocky IV. Antony admits that the fighting might not be totally realistic, but he still loves this movie anyway. He says it’s more about the dedication and inspiration than being totally true to life. He also takes a look at its modern sequel, Creed which he says is a much more realistic depiction of the sport. Finally, he watches The Simpsons and sees Homer’s short lived career as a boxer. AJ’s not overly impressed by his lacklustre ability, but finds the scene hilarious nonetheless.

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