Visual artist Alessandro Novelli and National Geographic show us this charming animation that takes a look at the range of currencies that existed before the introduction of the Euro in 2002.

Nowadays, 37 European countries use the Euro. Only a handful of countries, such as the UK and Switzerland, have held onto their own unique currencies. Although most European holidaymakers would agree that the Euro makes life easier, it’s a shame that we can no longer enjoy the intricate designs of each country’s coins.

In this animation, we get to see some of the cool designs that adorned old coins. The designs that a country chooses to put on its money is often a reflection of that country’s values and culture. It can be a snapshot into what’s important to the citizens of that state. This animation takes a close look at something that we rarely glance at. We spend money every day and don’t ever really stop to think about the work that has gone into designing it. This animation reminds us of the beauty and art that we see in every day life without even realising it.

Alessandro Novelli|National Geographic|Animation

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