The Atlantic warns us about the dangers of “deepfakes” in this animation. Deepfakes are a terrifying new technique used in video manipulation. The tech allows you to paste a person’s face onto another person’s body.

So long as you can find a good voice impressionist, this means that you can make anyone say anything. This is a potentially a big risk for famous politicians. With this tech you could create a phoney President Trump, a made-up Emmanuel Macron and a virtual Vladimir Putin and make them say whatever you want. But this isn’t a problem now is it? This has to be some futuristic problem down the road, right?

Animation Shows Us The Dangers Of

In this chilling animation, we’re told how deepfakes could be a defining issue of the 2020 US election. In a world where it’s already becoming harder and harder to tell what’s really true and what’s false, this animation shows us how deepfakes could make it impossible to know what’s really going on. The animation team at the Atlantic have done an amazing job in this video making of telling us about a scary issue in a visually appealing way.

Deepfakes|The Atlantic|2D Animation

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