TED-Ed give us this brilliant animation which tells us why we should read Hamlet. The famous Shakespeare play is one of the Bard’s darkest and most gripping.

In this animation, we get an amazing look at the character of Hamlet and the paranoia of the protagonist. A lot of Shakespeare’s other plays are a lot “neater”, giving us clear good guys and bad guys. But in this video, we learn how Hamlet is far more nuanced than that. It’s not really clear whether we should support Hamlet himself or not and it’s not really clear what the truth and reality of his world actually is.

Animation Shows Us The Brilliance Of Shakespeare's

Shakespeare can often be difficult for people to understand. When you study it in school, it can seem dry and boring, but in actuality, plays like Hamlet are a lot more exciting than you might think. As this animation shows, the plot of Shakespeare plays can be as intense and intriguing as modern day films and TV shows. If you’ve never really got into Shakespeare, this animation should inspire you to dust off your old copy of Hamlet from school and get stuck in!

Hamlet|TED-Ed|2D Animation

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