TED-Ed show us the history of witch hunts in this brilliant animation. In it, we learn about how craze for hunting witches started and how it became such a massive phenomenon.

When most people think about witch trials, they might think about the famous Salem witch trials. But the practice of persecuting people for witchcraft spanned over 400 years, starting in to 1400s and end around the turn of the 19th century. Over that time period, thousands of innocent people were killed, often after making false confessions whilst being tortured.

Animation Shows The History Of Witch Hunts image of witch

This video shows us how the practice first got started and how it spread across the world. Often, the same people who were persecuted for being witches also lived on the fringes of society. Groups that already had a weaker standing were frequently targeted. The animation ends by warning us against using lies to scapegoat vulnerable people and tells us that it was those who were brave enough to stand up to this persecution that ensured that it eventually stopped, saving countless lives in the process.

Witch Hunt|TED-Ed|2D Animation

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