This animation from Macmillan Cancer Support shows us just how overwhelming a diagnosis can be.

Often, people forget that life doesn’t stop after you’re diagnosed with cancer. You’ve still got to go to work, pay bills and manage your life. But this can be really difficult when you’re dealing with the scary news that you’re seriously ill. On top of that, the reaction from your social circles can be worrying too. Constant questions and complicated explanations can make you seriously anxious.

Animation From Macmillan Cancer Support Says That They're Here To Help image of Macmillan Cancer Support

But Macmillan reminds us that they’re here to listen to our concerns. They want to show everyone that they can offer support and guidance during this difficult time. The animation perfectly encapsulates the stresses and fears that come with a cancer diagnosis. Macmillan have been doing more work in recent years to make people aware that they can help victims of cancer in all sorts of different ways. They’re here to answer any questions people might have, whether that’s about the medical side of things, social aspects or financial issues.

Macmillan Cancer Support|Katy Wang|2D Animation

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