This brilliant animation from MUTE & George Shelbourn tells us about the groundbreaking and trendsetting performances that the LA Philharmonic Orchestra has given the world over the years.

In this animation, they focus on the orchestra’s famed performance of John Cage’s Apartment House 1776. The piece is especially challenging and features lots of chaotic and discordant melodies. To get some of these melodies right, you have to play your instruments “wrong”. After the musical director, Zubin Mehta, told his trombonists to play the worst note that they could, but they still couldn’t do it without it sounding too polished.

So Zubin asked the famous comedian Danny Kaye to come in and show them how it’s done. Obviously, Danny had no skill or talent in playing the trombone, so he was the perfect person to show a professional how to play it badly. He managed to reverse their years of training and got them to play the trombones in the way Zubin wanted. The animation captures a brilliant short story and brings it to life through animation. People often think that orchestral world is stuffy and backward. But here, we see how the classical world can be fun and push boundaries in music.

MUTE & George Shelbourn|LA Philharmonic Orchestra|Animation

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