While You Were Sleeping is a short animated film from Charlie Stewart that looks at the future of artificial intelligence.

We’re taken to a far away world in the future where two Alexa-style AI home devices are talking to each other. Their human owners are nowhere to be seen. Anyone who’s ever tried to get two Siris to talk to each other will be familiar with the stilted conversation that AI bots have with each other. In this, both devices are trying to work out what the other one is asking and things end up going in circles.

Animated Short Looks At The Future Of AI image of artificial intelligence

As the film goes on, there’s an ever creeping fear that the bot’s human owners might not ever be coming back. The film gives us a glimpse into what a post-human world might look like; or more accurately, what a world filled with leftover AI home devices would look like. Without their human owners, the devices become entirely useless, having only each other to talk to. It’s a chilling, yet funny, take on the future of humanity and the flaws of artificial intelligence.

While You Were Sleeping|Charlie Stewart|Animation

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