The Bolt Connection is an animated short film that takes place inside of a robot dystopia, filled with death, destruction and shiny sentient bots.

In the exciting video, we see a robot searching for a human heart to put inside of his chest cavity. We’re not quite sure how a heart interacts with his body of steel and wires, but when the robot places it inside himself, he gets a rush of life. Unfortunately, he overworks the organ, eventually leaving it withered and useless. He sets out again to find another one…

Animated Short Film

His blood lust continues, as he contstantly defeats his foes to acquire their hearts. In the end, he’s left scrambling around for one and can’t get one anywhere. In a gripping few final moments, he reaches for one on the floor, but his feeble body has seizes up due layers of rust of build up on his body. We’re not given a lot of information or context for the story of this film, but to have a fleeting glimpse into this mad world is exciting enough as it is.

The Bolt Connection|Nicolas Lebas, Mathilde Dourdy, Maurine Lecerf, Shih-Hui Pan, Claire Cartier and Thibault Grunenberger|3D Animation

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