The Atlantic brings us this incredible animated short film from Randall Christopher. It reveals the story of how an Israeli secret agent hunted down the architect of the holocaust, Adolf Eichmann in 1960.

After the Nazis lost the Second World War, almost all the Nazi generals either killed themselves or were caught and sentenced to death. But Adolf Eichmann managed to escape and smuggled himself into Argentina under a fake name. Adolf was a key figure in the Nazi’s plan to exterminate all Jews in Germany and was responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people. It was particularly egregious for the Jewish people that he managed to get away and that he served no punishment for his horrific crimes.

Animated Short Film Tells The Amazing Story Of The Hunt For The Last Nazi image of The Atlantic

In this video, we hear the story of Mossad agent Zvi Aharoni, who was part of a team tasked with capturing Eichmann. Eichmann had managed to evade capture for over 15 years and it was believed that he would never be punished for his offences. But Zvi had tracked him down and now had to lead a team to arrest Eichmann so that he could stand trial in Israel. Just one mistake could ruin the whole operation and Eichmann would escape once again.

The Atlantic|The Driver Is Red|Documentary

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