Hors Piste, or “off track” in English, is a charming 3D animated short film about two inept rangers who are on a mission to save a skier who stuck at the top of a mountain.

It’s directed by Leo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert & Oscar Malet and takes place high in the French mountains. After finding the skier, the two rangers put him in a tight sleeping bag and only his eyes and nose are exposed. They then plop him on a stretcher and begin the treacherous decent down the face of the mountain.

But things don’t go very smoothly. The poor bloke on the stretcher is always slipping away from the rangers, hitting rocks and trees and he flies out of control. The two rangers are pretty oblivious to it though and don’t really care all that much. By the end, the poor guy is really worse for wear and would probably preferred to not have been rescued at all. It’s a really entertaining short film that uses some stunning animation. We love this little film and can’t wait to see more like it in the future from the directing team who made it.

Hors Piste|Off Track|3D Animation

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