Le Mans 1955 is a short animated film by Quentin Baillieux that documents a tragic accident that happened at the famous Le Mans race.

In this video we meet one of the teams that is competing in the race. The Le Mans race is known for being extremely gruelling and competitors switch in and out of the cars in a relay style, due to the length of the race. In the 1950s, safety standards and regulations were nowhere near as strict as they are today and drivers were often finding themselves in dangerous and life-threatening situations. This short film examines the immediate aftermath of a crash that happens during the race.

The car invovled smashed into the crowd killing 80 people. Despite this huge accident, the race carried on, which sparks a huge row within the team as to whether they should continue the race or throw in the towel. This animation examines the morality of the sport of motor racing and questions whether entertainment is ever worth risking lives for. It also paints a bleaker picture of the so-called “golden era” of racing.

Le Mans 1955|Quentin Baillieux|Short Film

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