Animals go wild in this hilarious music video for  Bakermat’s song Learn to Lose. In it, we see a snoopy-like dog come up with a way to get him and his animal mates into a public pool on a warm day.


“No dogs” is a pretty common rule for any public pool. As much as we love our canine pals, we probably don’t want them getting in the way when we’re looking to cool off! But in this video, our protagonist looks to break all the rules and take a dip anyway. We see him leaping into the pool, getting other animals to join in too.

The on-duty lifeguard isn’t best pleased about all this, but soon enough, there are so many animals in the pool, he knows that there’s nothing he can do to stop them! So, he decides to join in with the fun and take a dip with our furry friends! It’s a really cool and funny video that definitely has us laughing. The animation style is awesome as well, looking like a modern version of the Snoopy cartoons!

Learn To Lose|Bakermat|Music Video

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