UK rock band Idles release this brilliant music video for their new track Mercedes Marxist. In it, we see an office worker who’s just about had enough.

We’ve all had days where we feel like banging our head against a wall. Days where it’s all gone to pot and we’ve just given up. Well, in this video, one office worker takes that feeling to the extreme. He spends his entire day banging his head against a wall, his car steering wheel, his fridge and even a supermarket checkout till. What’s even funnier is that his head banging is in sync with the main drum beat of the song playing in the background.

There’s no respite for the poor worker, as the video fades to black whilst he’s still banging his head on a pub table. We do feel a bit sorry for the guy, but we can’t help but laugh at this unusual vid. The video is really witty and pretty surreal. Idles are known for their weird and anarchic videos. This one definitely has to be up there with the best ones that they’ve made.

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