Astronomer Jill Tarter answers the web’s questions about aliens in this cool interview with WIRED.

In it, she hears the burning queries that people have about extra terrestrials from Twitter. They range from the compelling to the ridiculous. She debunks some myths around whether the Government is hiding evidence of aliens. She also tells us about the ways that we’ve tried to communicate with aliens over the years and how we would likely conduct ourselves if any martians ever touched down on Earth.

She goes on to tell us why we haven’t found any aliens yet as well. As she puts it, if the universe was the same size as the Earth’s ocean, we’ve discovered about a hot tub’s worth of it. The really puts things into perspective. It’s a really cool video from WIRED that takes some of our silly and curious questions and actually gives us a proper answer. We’ve seen aliens countless times in Sci-Fi movies, but sometimes it’s good to actually speak to real scientists and talk about what we really know about life on other planets.


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