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Anderson Paak Goes To A New Planet In This Cool Animated Music Video

Rapper Anderson Paak and producer Flying Lotus teamed up with legendary Japanese director Shinichiro Watanabe to make this breathtaking animated music video.

Watanabe is known for his epic Anime films where he often blends music and visuals in really interesting ways. In this video, we see a character crash land on a strange alien planet. There, he sees a robot, who raps a song to him. As the music goes on, he realises that the robot is taking control of him and infecting him with a strange virus…

Before he can stop it, the virus has taken over his body, turning him into a grotesque tree-like figure. It’s a really trippy music video that’s at times beautiful, and at other times terrifying. We absolutely love the art style of this video. Anderson Paak and Flying Lotus are known for creating wacky and unusual music videos and this one has to be one of their most unique yet!

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