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the chemical brothers - free yourself

The Chemical Brothers – Free Yourself

lost & found

Lost & Found

layers - art film by maxim zhestkov

Layers – Maxim Zhestkov’s

history - nature’s thread - mountain men

History – Nature’s Thread – Mountain Men

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Isle of Dogs – Sushi Making Scene Timelapse

Acclaimed director Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs was one of 2018’s most anticipated and well received films, with particular praise heaped on the super-smooth and stylised stop-motion animation used in the film. One of the most beautiful scenes from the film shows a sushi chef preparing some sushi – featuring bizarre ingredients, live animals and incredible animation. This video released from Andy Biddle, one of the animators behind the scene, shows how over the course of 32 days he and his fellow animator Tony Faurquar Smith worked to create under 40 seconds of footage.

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