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AFAR Travels brings us this awesome animation where one man describes his experience of a safari, without sight.

It’s narrated by writer Ryan Knighton who went blind at the age of 18. He’s never let his impediment get in the way of him living his life and in this story, he tells us how he travelled to Africa to go on a safari. He asked his guide how he should experience it, as he wouldn’t be able to actually see any of the animals. His guide started to describe the wildlife around him. Then, something incredible happened.

A wild elephant slowly came towards them. It was so close, Ryan could hear its feet stomping the ground. He recalled its unusual sound, as an elephant’s foot is round and unstructured, which means it makes a strange squishing sound as it hits the floor. The animals then wandered off and the guide told Ryan that getting this close to an elephant is a very rare occurrence. It’s interesting to hear how Ryan absorbed his surroundings and built a powerful memory out of nothing but sound.

Katy Wang|AFAR Magazine|2D Animation

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