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Apple Turns A City Into A Massive Trampoline image of apple

Apple Presents: Bounce

Fender Take Us Back To The 50s, 60s, & 70s In Rocking New Ad! image of fender

Fender’s Trip Through Time

Funny Ad Reminds Us To Avoid Getting Sunburnt This Summer image of sunburnt

Help A Dane: Avoid Sunburn

Robert De Niro Becomes A Hipster With KIA image of De Niro

Robert De Niro Becomes A Hipster

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Nike Meets The Urban Horse Riders Of Philadelphia

Nike meets the urban horse riders of Philadelphia, known as the Fletcher Street Urban Riders Club in this awesome new ad.

The non-profit organisation looks to instill the tradition of black, urban cowboys in Philadelphia in young people in the area. It serves as a hub for disaffected youths to find companionship and provides them with a strong support network. Above all though, it’s about having fun!

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