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Blue Moon Makes The Extraordinary Just, Well, Ordinary image of Blue Moon

Blue Moon – Extraordinary

Spotify Tells You To

Spotify – Let The Song Play

EA Takes Us Inside

FIFA 20 – The Bunker

Dairy Milk Tell You To

Cadbury – Donate Your Words

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World Of Warcraft Classic Anthem

RPG classic World of Warcraft celebrates 15 years since first launching in this star-studded ad. In it, we see a man singing a song about the history of the game, which is filled with funny references.

In the song, he refers to epic quests that gamers have had over the years. World of Warcraft is famed for its very long quests that can last hours and in some cases even days. For WoW gamers, it really can feel like you’re taking part in a real life fantasy adventure. The song also references the viral “Leeroy Jenkins” video that took over the internet back in 2005.

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