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Robert De Niro Plays A Bagel Mobster In Hilarious Warburtons Ad

Robert De Niro takes on the role of a bagel mobster in this funny new ad from UK bread makers Warburtons. In this ad, he teams up with the brand to make sure that Warburton’s bagels outperform the rest, whatever the cost…

Using some of the same strategies he used as a mob boss in the gangster movie Goodfellas, he helps the bread brand become top dog in the UK. He travels to Bolton, Warburton’s HQ, to take out all the other competitors. He takes loaves off the shelf and sends other bread makers running for the hills.

Soon enough, De Niro becomes the top dog of the little Lancashire town, becoming the “Boss of Bolton”. It’s a really funny and inventive that’s sure to be a viral smash! Quite how Warbutons managed to bag a Hollywood legend like De Niro is anyone’s guess! We still can’t believe that Robert De Niro took a trip to walk around the streets of rainy Bolton too!

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