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Erste Group Hannah Bumblebee

1850 Coffee Makes Caffeine Illegal In This Hilarious Ad image of 1850 Coffee

1850 Coffee Makes Caffeine Illegal

Boxer Zeina Nassar Packs A Punch In This Powerful Ad From Nike image of Zeina Nassar

Nike Boxing – The Countdown

Audi – Tilted World

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Foot  Locker – End Of The World

Foot Locker imagines what the end of the world would look like in this incredible ad. In it, we see a UFO invasion, a meteor strike and zombie apocalypse, all happening in one afternoon.

Hmm, not a great day then. But one group of people are remarkably calm, considering the events that are going on around them. Sneaker heads from across the city are unfazed by the crisis and are still going into their local Foot Locker to get the latest kicks. For them, the fact that the world is literally crumbling around them won’t stop them from getting their fave sneaks.

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