US rapper Pusha T takes part in a slightly unusual interview. It’s the same as any other interview, except in this one, Pusha goes for a jog with sports host Maria Taylor.

It’s part of a series from Adidas where they chat to famous musicians, athletes and influencers about their careers whilst running. They chat about where each person gets their creative energy from and how they channel that energy into the art that they create. For lots of artists, sports and fitness can be just as important to them as their art.

In this episode, we find out how Pusha T came up with his groundbreaking album Daytona. The album was incredibly well-received and is considered one of the best that the rapper has made so far. We also hear about Pusha’s rise to the top and learn about how he gets inspired before starting a new project. The video and concept is a really creative idea from Adidas. It’s interesting to see ideas about sport mixed in with chats about music and fashion. Adidas are increasingly trying to meld the worlds of fashion, culture and fitness and this video is a great example of them hitting the mark.

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