Arch & Hook reveal fashion’s “dirty little secret” in this powerful ad.

The ad shows us how the fashion industry is causing huge damage to the environment. Is it the factories? Or what about the wasted fabrics? Nope, it’s neither of those. It’s the hangers. Plastic clothes hangers cause a massive amount of plastic waste. 85 billion plastic hangers are thrown away worldwide every year, all ending up in landfills and the ocean. Ahead of London Fashion week, Arch & Hook look to make people aware of an issue that’s rarely talked about.

Ad Reveals Fashion's

The brand have launched their own fully sustainable, recyclable hangers and are pressuring big brands to go green when it comes to the materials they use in their hangers. Over the last few years, the industry has been called out for its awful record when it comes to the environment. Fast fashion, burning stock and excessive packaging have all been major sticking points in the industry. The message is clear, green is “in” this year. But will the fashion companies get on board and do more to look after our planet? Arch & Hook hope to lead the way for a more sustainable fashion future.

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