Pizza makers Sargento are offering free pizza to their customers. The only catch? It’ll take between 4-18 months to get to your door!


How come? Well, Sargento use cheese that’s been matured for a long time. Some of their cheeses mature within 4 months, others can take as long as 18 months. So, to ensure you get the cheese that’s matured for just the right amount of time, you’re gonna have to wait a while! Will it be worth the wait? Sargento say the cheese will be so good, you won’t regret this long-term investment.

Ad Promises The

The ad says that it’s perfect if you’re planning a pizza party for your next birthday. Sorry, we mean your next, next birthday. You can even watch the very long progress bar that tells you just how much longer you have to wait. If you really want as well, you can even watch your cheese mature in real time! Amazing! So, get out your calendar and get ready for a pizza coming your way! In a very long time…

Slowest Pizza Delivery|Sargentos|Ads and Promos

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