This fast paced ad from the National Citizen Service, or NCS, empowers young people all over the UK by saying “no, we can”.

Flipping the well known phrase “yes, we can” on its head, this promo looks to remind young people that, no matter what anyone else tells them, they can achieve whatever they want in life. In the ad, we see people talking down to youngsters and trying to limit their opportunities. We see young people telling adults that they can get any job they want, change the world and wear what they like. No one can stop them.

Ad From The National Citizen Service Says:

The ad encourages teens to join the NCS programme, where they can spend a summer learning new skills, becoming more confident and spend time meeting other open-minded people like themselves. The scheme was set up in the 2010s by the UK government as a way to help 15-17 year olds learn important and vital skills and give them a place to flourish before reaching adulthood. The programme is free and takes attendees on adventure courses, social activities and expeditions.

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