AIB shows us this hilarious ad where a suitcase comes to life to go on holiday! Whenever we want to go on a trip, we need to bring our suitcases with us. But did you ever stop to think that maybe they want to enjoy the holiday too!

The suitcase in this ad is determined to go on holiday himself. He sneaks out in the middle of the night and starts the long journey to the airport. He has to traverse tough conditions and long distances. But eventually he manages to get to the airport.

A Suitcase Comes To Life In This Funny Ad gif of suitcase

He manages to get on the plane with the rest of the luggage and starts his trip around the world! When we next see him, he’s adorned in badges he’s collected from around the world. Asia, America, Europe, he’s been everywhere! Finally, a suitcase got to enjoy the holiday for itself, rather than being stuck in the hotel room the whole time! We can only imagine the wild time that this little guy had! What a trip!

The Power Of Doing|AIB|Ads and Promos

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