Directing team Illogic released this incredible short film Maestro about a squirrel who conducts an orchestra deep inside of a forest.

In it, we see a bird singing an opera-style, powerful lead vocal. The camera then cuts to a small squirrel who starts conducting other animals to sing as well. You’ve got baritone turtles, falsetto frogs and high-note reaching hedgehogs. They all sing their part to create an awesome orchestral symphony that sounds like something you might hear at BBC Proms or the Royal Albert Hall.

A Squirrel Conducts An Outdoor Orchestra In This Wacky Short Film image of squirrel

When the song finishes, each animal goes back to what they were doing before, totally unfazed by the crazy singing session that just took place. It’s an astounding short from Illogic. The 3D animations are stunningly realistic. The team have been nominated for oscars in the past and are known for creating some of the best short films out there. Their work often features small animals that display human-like qualities, much like the creatures in this video. Hats off to these guys for this one, it’s truly like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Bloom Pictures + Illogic|Maestro|3D Animation

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