Speed climber Marcin Dzieński races an elevator in this awesome video from Red Bull.

Have you ever taken a ride in the life and thought that you’d probably have been faster if you’d taken the stairs? Well, Red Bull take that idea to a whole new level in this video. We see Marcin compete against an elevator to see who can get to the finish line first. Marcin is a super fast climber, but who will win, man or machine?

Red Bull explains to us just how challenging this will be. Once the lift gets going, it’ll stay at a constant pace, so Marcin can’t afford to slow down at all during the competition. What makes it even harder is that the wall that Marcin is climbing is made of glass which is different to the concrete walls that he’s usually scales. This means that he has much less grip than usual. On his first two attempts, he can’t manage to beat the lift. With one more try left, he starts the climb. We won’t tell you if he manages to win or not, you’ll have to watch the vid for yourself…

Red Bull|Marcin Dzieński|Sports

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