A roomful of cute kids interview British Grime MC Stormzy in this video from Noisey.

In it, we see the rapper grilled on a variety of topics. The questions are very wide-ranging. He gets called out by the kids of using “naughty words” in his songs. He’s asked what his opinions on Boris Johnson are (they’re not good…) and he’s also asked how one becomes a “Wicked Skengman” (look it up).

A Roomful Of Cute Kids Interview Stormzy image of Stormzy

What’s really lovely about the video is that Stormzy was once like all of these kids as well. The school that he’s in is the same school he attended as a child. It must be really nice for him to see the next generation of youngsters at his alma mater. He’s had a chance to impart his wisdom to these little boys and girls. Who knows, maybe the next big UK artist could be sitting right there, talking to Stormzy. Seeing as all of these lot are pretty young though, we’ll have to wait a while to find out…


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