McDonald’s released this cute ad called Childhood Is Inside, to promote their Happy Meals.

The iconic red boxes are sold at every Maccy’s around the world. Kids have been begging their parents from generation to generation to buy them Happy Meals so that they can get their hands on the toys inside as well as the tasty burgers and chips. But in this ad, McDonald’s reimagine the idea of the Happy Meal. Instead of focusing on what they put in it, they focus on what you put in it.

A McDonald's Happy Meal Box Goes On An Adventure In This Cute Ad image of McDonald's

A little boy in the ad keeps his Happy Meal box and puts all sorts of different items inside of it. He explores the outdoors and puts in a pinecone, rocks and nick-nacks that he finds throughout the day. He even tries to catch intangible things, like laughter and kiss that his crush blows to him. It’s a cute ad that reflects McDonald’s changes to their approach to advertising. Over the last few years, the brand has moved away from flashy, over the top ads to more family-friendly, calmer commercials.

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