A massive, human-sized tongue comes to life in this weird and wacky ad from Coca-Cola.

In it, we see a young woman exploring the world. She goes from sunny beaches to cool city streets to chilly ski resorts. But she’s not alone, she’s accompanied by a huge animated tongue. He’s the life and soul of the party and is a great travelling buddy. It’s a little strange to see a 6 foot tongue waggling around on it’s hols, but he does look like he’d be a lot of fun on a trip away.

A Massive Animated Tongue Comes To Life In This Weird Coke Ad image of Coke

Whether this ad is everyone’s taste (pun intended) is questionable. But personally, we think it’s a really funny ad from Coke. All too often, soft drink ads can be a bit generic, so it’s nice to see Coke going for something totally different. The ad wants to remind viewers of the “magic taste of Coke” by creating a tongue that seems to move around like magic. The link is a little tenuous, but we’ve gotta give it to coke, it’s definitely a memorable commercial that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Taste The Magic|Coca-Cola|Ads and Promos

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