The lead singer of the band One True Pairing is turned into a human scrapbook in this eye-catching music video for their song I’m Not Afraid.

Directed by Ewan Jones Morris, the psychedelic video features a unique style of animation. The lead singer has parts of his body and face replaced with random images. Sometimes the images match up, i.e eyes for eyes and legs for legs, but sometimes more interesting things are put in place instead. His torso might be replaced with an image of a galaxy; his head might be replaced with a Roman bust of an emperor. All the different images come and go into the frame really quickly, giving the whole video a distorted and chaotic feel.

A Man Is Turned Into A Human Scrapbook In This Music Vid image of one true pairing

Each of the superimposed images look like they’ve been ripped out of old school textbooks or magazines. The whole video has a really interesting look. You can’t take your eyes off of it. Ewan Jones Morris has a reputation for creating gorgeous and visually striking music videos. This one has to be one of the best that he’s done yet, we’re really impressed by this one. Keep your eye on this director…

One True Pairing|I’m Not Afraid|Music Video

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