Home insurance brand Churchill made this funny ad where a bulldog goes skateboarding around a city’s streets.

In the ad, we see a bulldog pushing itself along and skating down a road. It’s doing it completely on it’s own and doesn’t have anyone helping it. It’s reminiscent of Otto, the World Record holder for the longest skate session by a dog. The video of Otto’s skating went massively viral at the time, amassing millions of views. Well, now it looks like Churchill might have a viral hit of their own on their hands with this funny commercial.

A Dog Goes For A Ride On A Skateboard In This Brill Ad From Churchill image of Skateboarding Dog

Churchill are famous for their ads featuring an animated bulldog. But it seems that they’ve gone for the same path that Hollywood is taking. Turning animation into live action. It’s weird to see their iconic mascot in real life. Will this ad usher in a new wave of those nodding dog toys that used to sit in everyones boot? Who knows, either way it’s a clever and memorable effort from Churchill that’s bound to get people talking.

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