Designer E Scott Morris worked at Reebok in the 90s when the sneaker brand made some of their most iconic shoes.

The brand were trailblazers in basketball, with their eye-catching designs rivalling the famous Air Jordans. They had loads of big time players donning their sneaks with superstar Shaquille O’Neal being their most favourite patron. In this video, we learn how Morris mixed the latest street style with innovative designs to create shoes that would give players a big edge over their opponents.

A Designer Looks At Reebok's Iconic 90s Basketball Sneakers image of Reebok

His work was very well received. He came out with a number of ground-breaking designs. One of his most popular and most sought after trainers was the “Pump”. It actually allowed players to pump up their shoes to give them some extra bounce. He managed to push Reebok’s profits to stratospheric new heights. It’s surprising that a shoe company founded in Bolton in England would become one of the coolest streetwear brands on the planet. It’s thanks to innovative designers like E Scott Morris that allowed Reebok to get to where they’re are today.

E Scott Morris|Reebok|Documentary

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