Staatsloterij, the largest lottery in The Netherlands, made this charming new year’s advert which stars a super cute hedgehog.

In it, we see a man buying a lottery ticket. But as he’s driving home, he stops suddenly, as he sees a hedgehog dart out in front of his car. It’s pouring down with rain and the creature is soaking wet. He takes pity on the poor thing and brings it home with him.

A Cute Hedgehog Stars In This Advert From The Staatsloterij Lottery image of Staatsloterij

He builds it a little house and puts him to bed in the garden. As the lottery numbers are announced, the man realises that he’s left his lottery ticket in the hedgehog’s wooden home. When he opens it, he finds the little guy sleeping on top of his ticket. He doesn’t have the heart to disturb him, so decides to leave it till tomorrow. Unfortunately for him though, the hedgehog has entered hibernation and stays sounds asleep for three months. Will he be able to get his ticket back? We won’t tell you how the ad ends, you’ll have to find out for yourself…

Staatsloterij|Freddie|Ads and Promos

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