Feeding America made this moving advert where they created a face using AI that was based off of thousands of different American’s faces. What all of these people had in common was that they used food services or were struggling with hunger.

Hunger can often be invisible. You probably pass people every day who are silently starving. In this ad, Feeding America wanted to show people what hunger really looks like. It can take many forms, young, old, female, male. Often, certain groups you wouldn’t associate with going hungry are constantly struggling to get the bare amount of food they need to function normally.

A Charity Creates An AI Animated Person To Show Us What Hunger Looks Like image of Feeding America

Over 37 million people in America don’t have easy access to food when they need it. That’s more people than the entire population of Canada. This appeal uses state-of-the-art 3D animation techniques to increase awareness about a serious and worrying issue. The person that they create in the video is fully CGI and the effect is really flawless. It’s hard to believe that we’re not actually looking at a real person at all.

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