Yogurt makers Onken have us laughing with this weird and wacky ad starring a talking cat!

In it, we see a man eating a yogurt whilst in his living room. The yogurt is really, really tasty, so much so, it gives him an enormous sense of inner happiness. Much like the inner happiness that he would get if his cat finally told him that he actually liked having him as an owner! If only cats could talk! But what would that look like?

Well, Onken show us exactly what that would look like, as the man’s cat starts talking and tells him that he is a good owner. Well, in true “cat style”, he actually tells him that he’s an adequate owner. We know if cats could talk, you’d never catch them giving a really nice compliment. It’s a really funny and creative ad that reminds us of something out of the movie Doctor Dolittle! Bonus fact: any keen Peep Show fans will recognise that the cat is being voiced by Matt King AKA Superhans! What a weird choice!

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