Unilever and food brand Unox released this cute 3D Animated ad to promo their new vegetarian sausages.

In it, we a daughter hanging out with her Dad at his work. He works as a butcher and asks the daughter to take a freshly made sausage and put it in the fridge at home for them to eat later. After she does that, she takes her dog for a walk in a nearby field. After spotting a couple of cute cows, she feels a little bit bad about the meat that she’s going to eat later.

A Butcher's Daughter Gets Her Dad To Go Veggie In This Cute Ad From Unox image of Unox

On the way home, she spots a vegetarian sausage on sale in a supermarket. She buys one and switches the meat sausage at home with the veggie version. When her Dad gets back for dinner, he realises mid-meal that he’s not eating the sausage from his butcher’s shop, but it’s so tasty, he doesn’t mind. The ad’s message looks to remind us that times are changing and that it’s becoming more and more common for families to eat less meat at the dinner table.

Unox|Unilever|3D Animation

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