A car and a bike battle it out in a desert duel in this awesome video from GoPro.

In the short film, we’re taken on a trip to the dusty roads of Baja, Mexico where pro racing driver Andy McMillin races motocross bike rider Taylor Robert. The two step up to the starting line and then speed around to see who will be crowned the king of the desert. It’s neck and neck right up until the end, when one of them uses a surprise tactic to get over the line first. We won’t say who wins though, watch the vid and find out for yourself…

The shots in this video are outstanding and showcase GoPro’s state of the art technology. Their kit gives us great POV shots of the drivers, brill drone shots and some awesome slo-mo too. What’s even more impressive is the stabilisation. Every piece of footage we see is unbelievably smooth. For rough and tumble sports like motorcross, getting a shot that really does the sport justice can be hard. But GoPro has proven that their cameras have changed the game with this vid.

GoPro|Desert Duel|Sports

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